Monday, June 21, 2010

Episode 13

Holding to the thoughts that one day you’ll be mine forever,
I keep this space in my heart only for you.
I believe that you are my destiny,
I can’t imagine how my life would become,
Without you around.

Holding to the thoughts that your heart belongs to me,
I am stronger everyday, to finish what I’ve started,
To always love you and live with your love,
I will wait for that day to come,
Where we tie this sacred feelings under His bless,
May our love last until heaven.

Holding to the thoughts that we were meant for each other,
I will never stop loving you… even someday I might get tired with the strain,
I wont give up, as looking at you when you sleep so soundlessly...
Has given me the most peaceful night after all my bad dreams..
You are a gift from God, how couldn’t I cherish you with all my heart?

Holding to the thoughts that you are the only one that really makes me happy,
I have this faith on you, where I can’t have it on others,
And what we have now might not be forever,
I will still remember the way you make me laugh and smile,
Are the best among the rest.

Holding to the thoughts that I have you in my life,
I can be myself as you are the one who really accept me the way I am,
So I will do the same, not to compromise…
It’s just the fact that there’s nothing about you that I want to change,
Because you fit me perfectly, and I just feel so lost when you are too far from me.

Holding to the thoughts that I missed you already,
Even though you are sitting right next to me,
I am hating myself when sometimes I think you might someday leave,
Because the fact is just that I cant hate you,
No matter what you do..
And there’s another fact about me for you to know,
I coudnt be better without you…

Holding to the thoughts that we will only have one chance…
To have a person that we love to love us back,
I choose to stick with this thoughts, until my last breath.
No matter how painful my vein, to strive in this love…
For you I will… dear FAZREN…


Dear ALLAH our lord, please give strength to all of us who needs your support to face all the challenges in the way to be on your side. YOU are the almighty and only from YOU we can ask for helps. Dear ALLAH who always listen carefully to feed all of HIS servant's needs... May YOU always be with us, your little and humble creatures in this world. Only YOU can give us a life, and only YOU can take it back from us... (amin)