Saturday, July 18, 2009

episode 5

Well, i've through a week of 'architorture'!

Honestly, it wasn't really torturing. It was fun and i enjoyed every single thing in learning about architecture... like my lecturer MR. KMR said, "Architecture is the way of life..." And i am so agree with that. What he means when he said that? As far as i understand, he tried to say that architecture consists of communications and interactions between humans, living things, and the non living things. Architecture is the world. It is its own world... It took every details on the surroundings just to create a place for everyone. That's amazed me. And i'm proud to be part of it. Even though this is just the beginning of my future... i will make sure i will not give up. This is my dream. I'll try to make the people who loves me proud and i will be satisfied if i can do that~

p/s : i've won 2nd place for the sketching competition. Tribute to that picture!~


Dear ALLAH our lord, please give strength to all of us who needs your support to face all the challenges in the way to be on your side. YOU are the almighty and only from YOU we can ask for helps. Dear ALLAH who always listen carefully to feed all of HIS servant's needs... May YOU always be with us, your little and humble creatures in this world. Only YOU can give us a life, and only YOU can take it back from us... (amin)