Sunday, July 12, 2009

episode 4

well... life sometimes feels like hell.

when the pressure are all over you, and you just dont know what to do... life feels like hell.i do this and i do that. and suddenly the one that i think i have now has already left.what will you do if r in my place?

life sometimes feels like hell...when suddenly u r all alone and u have nowhere to go. u think what u r now will be forever.but it is now has come to its end. life feels like hell... what can you do?

and i came acrossed the fire. but now i have to face another danger. this danger cause everything and i have to face it all again and again. and i keep on thinking i can do this alone. and i am alone. and i am alone. but i still have strength... eventhough life feels like hell!


Dear ALLAH our lord, please give strength to all of us who needs your support to face all the challenges in the way to be on your side. YOU are the almighty and only from YOU we can ask for helps. Dear ALLAH who always listen carefully to feed all of HIS servant's needs... May YOU always be with us, your little and humble creatures in this world. Only YOU can give us a life, and only YOU can take it back from us... (amin)