Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Episode 9

No matter where the wind blows, it doesn't really matter to me.

I like this phrase so much. I've been thinking. Life is full of surprises. We can't never predict what's waiting in front. We had a plan... but, at the end of it, the result couldn't be like what we want it to be. Somehow, the best is not what we want. But, what we had through along the journey. What we've got, what we've gained, what we've learned... and what has changed inside us. That's what we call... the experience. The best teacher in the world.

We may have our family together with us. We may have friends alongside. We may have lover who will always give us strength. But, still... at the end, when we die, we will face the death alone. And, if we had good experiences in our life, i believe there's nothing to be regretted while we're dying. Cuz, that experiences that we've collected are so precious to be remembered. If we living our life with happiness, we may die happily, with a smile.

"Who knows what could happen? Do what you do and keep on laughing, one thing is true, there's always a brand new day." I like this phrase to. I took it from Avril's song. It's really good. It makes me feel so positive about life. And i hold onto it till now. That's how i through my days. I try to laugh, or even find a reason to laugh for at least if i die that day... i did have a good laughter. People wont see me dying in agony. That's not what i want.

I go with the flow. I tend to try my best, do my best, and give my best in anything im doing. Especially when i like that thing so much. I'll never give up for a small reason. I will not give up until i have given all i have. By doing that, i leave no regret. For doing things wholeheartedly... And i believe, by doing that... i could at least leave a good and nice memory to the people around me. That is to my family, to my friends, and to the person i love. Even though i wasn't loved by him. But hey, like i said... i do my best, so i can leave without regret.

I trust Allah... He is the only reason i'm still breathing until now. And, everything that He has given to me... I wish i could take a very good care of it before He take it back and give it to other people. And, that's the only way for me to show my thanks to Him. He always with me, in the time of happiness, sadness, hardness, and even sickness... He has never leave me alone. And that's why... all i can do for Him is to be faithful and thankful. Till my last breath.

Love and friendship... i've experienced those. And i think, i've given my best for it. So... when it passed, i am not regretting anything. My memory about them, it always last inside my head, inside my heart. Some had leaving scars... but most of it, are the pictures of their happiness. My friends and my family's happiness. That's what make me through the day with ease...

I really hope that i can through this journey till the end. With my own reliable strong heart, and strength... And teach the people around me to live their life... without a waste. That's what i really want to do, in my life. Before i really die. For real. :)


Dear ALLAH our lord, please give strength to all of us who needs your support to face all the challenges in the way to be on your side. YOU are the almighty and only from YOU we can ask for helps. Dear ALLAH who always listen carefully to feed all of HIS servant's needs... May YOU always be with us, your little and humble creatures in this world. Only YOU can give us a life, and only YOU can take it back from us... (amin)