Saturday, September 19, 2009

Episode 8

Im a hunter, and i hunt. While hunting, i'll focus, i'll observe, I'll think. The road is still far ahead. The journey is on the run.

When im walking with my friends i realised that im always in front and alone. When im looking back, all my friends has been far left behind. I thought i'm the one whose walking too fast. So i'll stop walking, let them passed me and i start walk again from behind. But at the end, i will be at the front again. Leaving all my friends behind like always.I dont know why they're walking so slow. But they talked a lot about many things. The things that i've always missed. Because im always at the front. But sometimes, my friends will walk too fast and i cant follow their speed. And i will be left behind. Alone. And that's who i am. A loner.

Maybe i am that type of person. The one whose always walking alone and dont be bothered by people. I dont know how people looked at me. what they think of me. But seeing me walking alone has never catched their interest to ask me whether i need a companion or not. To be true, I sometimes feel isolated when i walked alone. Because I want to talk with someone and I'm just too tired of being all alone. But sometimes, I dont even bother because I can find a place to think back and reflect myself during the walk. And i don't really talk much when im walking. I prefer to keep quiet and listen to what people say. I think maybe that's why they dont like to walk with me. And that't also why they dont care whether i have a companion or not.

It is irritating when i can't be normal like other people. I am odd and I am different. No matter how hard i try to be at the same level with them, I just cant and I'll always be something that's so odd. But, to think back. Maybe i was born to be an extraordinary person. And maybe i just have to be extraordinary because that's who i meant to be.

episode 7

i agree... and that kind of thing is the thing that only a legend can do. I wish and I hope to be one of the legend. But i'm still on the beginning of my journey. In my architecture school, i always try to find a way to be inside the anomalies. Because i think if im being different, they will notice. But... it's very hard because amazingly, all of us are never be the same. All of us are different and that makes none of us special. No sparks, no x-factor. And that's why architecture has becoming one of the challenging business in my way of life. Especially when it comes to collegue and other stuff.


Dear ALLAH our lord, please give strength to all of us who needs your support to face all the challenges in the way to be on your side. YOU are the almighty and only from YOU we can ask for helps. Dear ALLAH who always listen carefully to feed all of HIS servant's needs... May YOU always be with us, your little and humble creatures in this world. Only YOU can give us a life, and only YOU can take it back from us... (amin)